Shea received his B.F.A. and J.D. from the U of A, and his M.F.A. at Mass College of Art. He has taught 2-6 year olds at a Montessori school, introductory classes in photography, technical photographic workshops, been a custom printer, a self-publisher, worked for Gannett in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with AP Boston and as a medical photographer for the Feds in Tucson.

   His work has been published in most major publications including The International Herald Tribune, New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Sun Times, Philadelphia Inquirer, L.A. Times, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, USA Today, Arizona Daily Star and the Tucson Weekly. He has shot UA Wildcat hoop- Bear Down!

   Recently retired, he spends his time between Austin, TX  and Tucson, AZ where he is currently shooting, respectively, the Eastside, Tucson’s dive bars and its vibrant economy.

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